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    Default I THINK he is cold.

    So my DS2 was left with my mother, while I went for a drs appointment yesterday. And when I got back she told me he was shivering and that his lips went blue for a moment, and so put a jumper on him.
    My house was a bit nippy, but nothing he hasn't coped with before.

    Today, we went to DS1's special kinder. DS2 played outside and what have you, ate. And fell asleep before we left.
    AS we were leaving, the moment he came outside, again he started to shiver, and his lips went blue. He was decked out in a warm winter 2 piece outfit, socks and a legless onesie.
    The moment we got home he was fine.

    I have never seen my kids cold before, so this was certainly new. The only thing that seems to be common in both scenarios, is it happens after a nap. And the environment was feeling a bit cold.
    SO I am wondering if he is coming down with something...
    He has just gotten over another cold and ear infection, finished a course of antibiotics.

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    I would mention it to a doctor if it happens again, and keep mentioning it til they investigate. Shivering in the cool is normal but turning blue...not so much unless by cool you mean 8 degrees celcius or less.

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