I've been paying off some food hampers a jump and splash adventure zone and pool table since the start of the year with chrisco but hubby informed me last night that he has started a order with castle just a whole bunch of toys and stocking fillers for the kiddies but also a go kart a 4stroke 200cc go kart for DS. So I said to him you realise he only 4 and that thing can go up to 50kmph right? To which he responded yeah but it has a roll cage and he can wear a helmet and if all else fails we can both fit cause our combine weight is under the max limit.

Don't get me wrong he has owned a big double seated electric quad that went upto 17kmph and I was ok with that but I don't know how well a 50kmph vehicle and a 4 year old sit with me!!!

Do without bring mean how would you feel about it? Would you be hesitant like me? A flat out hell no? Or a yeah why not?

Me (21) DH (25) DS (4) DD (2)
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