In most areas, there is an organisation that works to protect the safety of a child and their family. They investigate claims of maltreatment, make judgements on the levels of risk to a child and decide on a course of action. Accurate and unbiased judgements and decisions are crucial. Unnecessarily removing a child from their home may be detrimental to the family bond, while leaving a child in a place of potential harm may make them the victim of abuse.

As part of my Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), this year I am writing a thesis on 'Decision Making within the Child Protection Context'. Basically, I'm aiming to create a theoretically based and empirically supported report on how different individual factors influence the judgements and decisions of child protection practitioners. This information will be then used to support a workshop for child safety practitioners that aims to improve their judgements and decisions. At the moment, I'm collecting a 'community sample' that will be used to compare against the results of a 'professional sample' (individuals who work within chid safety).

If you could complete my survey then that would be very helpful! It takes approximately 20 minutes. However, once you begin the survey you can not save and return to it (it needs to be completed in a single session). First you will complete a battery of questionnaires and then read a case scenario and respond to questions about it. The survey has been adjusted to be relevant to members of the community (who don't work within child safety). And, of course all data collected is anonymous.

The link to the survey is- http://tinyurl.com/CPCommunity

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask. My thesis will be ready in October for anyone that wants to read about the outcome of this research!

Thank you for your help!!