I have hashimoto's disease

in Feb my TSH was 1.2 and i finally fell preg but then lost it at 4 weeks. it is has slowly risen last month from 1.4 (when I found out I had m/c) and has risen further to this month being 2.4 again.

I am deadset convinced I only got PG that month because TSH was near 1.2. Now it is 2.4 again and I am so annoyed and worried that my next few cycles will be out again. My GP said to me it was fine enough and she wants to follow up a bloodtest in June some time. This is so incredibly frustrating. If I am right and I can only fall PG when the TSH sits nearest to 1 then right now I am having to waste my time again till June.

I don’t know why this thyroid in Feb decided to work a bit better on the same dose thyroxine I am now and I got PG but then lost it and all of the sudden now decides to not cooperate and be on the higher end of the normal scale again. I am so worried I will never fall PG at this rate :’( i hate my thyroid