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    My DD is 28 mths and doesnt talk, just babbles in a strange language. Maybe has 15 "words" that i can understand. She seems to understand instructions easily and understands everything that is said to her.
    I put her into daycare 1 day a week to encourage language. I have not seen improvement.
    At home it has become frustrating because i just dont know what she wants or why she's upset. I hate that she wont copy me when i repeat words to her. Simple ones like "Cup" is "ba" for her.
    All the kids in her daycare grop who are the same age talk long sentences and i can have a conversation with them. They know their own names, colours, numbers. Its amazing.

    I went to my GP for a referal to a private speeh therapist as the wait list at our public hospital was 6mths long. I get a medicare rebate, it's not even 50% but atm i dont are how much it costs, i just want the help my DD needs.

    If you are that worried and it is effecting daily functioning of your family, then i'd seek professional help. sometimes language just doesnt all of a sudden "flow" like i was told it would. I waited and waited and as much as i encouraged speech she just wouldnt talk. Its not worth the stress or worry. Seek help asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mim1 View Post
    Another update.

    It's been about 6 weeks since I started this thread and now I've lost track of my dd's words, but it's probably around 30 - 40. She's also using phrases such as "What's that?" "Who's that?" "I did it". Tonight my dh said "No" to her when she was trying to play with the running water that was filling the bath. She walked away from the bathroom saying in a sing song voice "He said Noooooo" (exaggerating the No for fun). She thought it was a great joke and so did we .

    So, with minimal change - just pushing her to repeat us more and picking the moment to do that (eg. in the car in the morning) started off this process, but pushing it didn't go on for long. She took up talking and now her language has exploded
    That's great! My DD is 22mo now and her speech is getting better. I've lost track of how many words now but she's adding to the list every day. They love to keep us on our toes, always giving us things to worry about!


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