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    Hello, all, I'm not trying ivf or trying to conceive, I have already been through all that unfortunately didn't work out, having endometriosis has played a part am sure. At this point I came here, to get some support to help me through this, I'm hoping to find other friends on here, that maybe going through all this to. If anyone of you out their have the same as me, please come and chat with me, I would love to help and support others throughout this.

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    Hi There,
    I have been suffering endo for the last 5 years or more and i have tried everything from the pill right to the operation which was unsuccessful as it all grew back again now they have advice me to go on the injections which i have started and recieving very bad side effects. the only reason why i started them is because they will not do the big operation of removing all because im too young but in my mind age should not matter is it is causing you alot of pain and destorying your life. Therefore i am considering to go private but i am not too sure of any private doctors and who is good. I know how you feel and it is an awful feeling and having endo. is not pleasant it does sort of rule your life. I really hope you can gain some help over the next few weeks and support.


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