I put on quite a bit of weight before my pregnancy and didn't manage to shake it afterward. So last year I went on a rapid weight loss programme and shed 15kg in just under 2 months.
I now have 2 gallstones 7mm across each.
I don't get biliary colic.
I am 25 years old. My little girl is 2 next month.

I want to be treated non-surgically first, it that fails then surgery is always an option later on.

If you have had your gallstones treated non-surgically by a doctor somewhere in the vicinity of Sydney or know of a doctor who does treat gallstones non-surgically I would like to hear from you.

Or if you are yourself a doctor who treats gallstones non-surgically (for example with oral bile acids, contact dissolution therapy, lithotripsy or even the new Chinese method of using an endoscope and tiny claw to grab the stones and pull them out) I would like to hear from you. Please be in Sydney or nearby (even as far as Brisbane or Melbourne).

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT interested in any so-called 'alternative' or 'natural' remedies like flushes etc. I am seeking a medical professional only.