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    Default Colic remedies - What is working for you?

    Evening all. I have a colicky (and possibly refluxy) 8 week old girl who is bottle fed as sensitive to lactose. She has been crying and screaming in pain since birth and in this short time I have tried many methods to calm her. The crying and screaming has been at its worst between weeks 6-8 when colic is supposed to peak. I am still going through this hell and thought I might share some of the tips I have picked up along the way, what has worked, what has not, what I am considering trying next! I hope it helps some mums out there as it really is torture seeing your baby in pain. It is somewhat reassuring to know I am not alone though.

    COLIC - What is working for me

    1. Hypoallergenic formula free of lactose/cow milk protein. HUGE improvement but still not cured of this 'colic' business
    2. Swaddling - she fought to free her arms but with some persistence I got them wrapped up and notice she sleeps better fully swaddled (2-6 all work in conjunction with each other for best success rate!)
    3. White noise - she seems to like the heartbeat/rain sounds playing rather loud! Apparently the womb is as loud as a vacuum cleaner (a sound she also does not mind at all, same with a hair dryer!)
    4. Cradling/rocking close to me, holding tight, making shushing sounds in ear
    5. Dummy, helps her relax especially now boob is not available
    6. Cool room but bundled up warm in swaddle with long sleeve sleep suit. Before she had legs bare and often would fight way out of blanket and kick them off and end up getting cold and waking frequently
    7. Pushing in the pram, lots of bumps seems to get her to sleep.
    8. Car rides with loud music seems to get her to sleep!
    9. Infacol seems to be helping somewhat with wind however heaps of burping also, sitting up and over shoulder
    10. Vibrating swing (though she gets bored sometimes and cries)
    11. Sling (ol fashioned kind, may need to try ergo baby, heard good things
    11. Burping every 30 ml of bottle
    12. Holding in my arms stomach down - pressure seems to help
    13. Warm bath and belly massage in clockwork direction. Seems to help with gas and actually makes her smile!
    14. Pushing legs up in a cycling motion to ease gas, seems to help a little
    15. Very low lighting at night and minimal eye contact/talking to keep her nice and calm in hope she will actually go to bed! and last but NOT least...
    9. Chiropractor - We went yesterday and already she seems to be sleeping better, though still grizzly! its only been 24 hours and another visit scheduled but any improvement is notable though!

    COLIC - What I want to try...

    -Mattress on slight incline
    -Bouncer, to keep her upright
    -Further chiro appointments
    -Infant gaviscon/Mylanta for silent reflux

    COLIC - What hasn't worked for me

    -Gripe water and other natural remedies. Didn't really notice a different unfortunately
    - Zip up swaddle/sleeping bags. Zip seems to dig in and she seems agitated when in it.
    -Anti colic bottles. Am using Avent brand. don't seem to notice a difference from the normal avent ones to anti colic ones. Open to other suggestions for bottles that help with colic though!!

    Hope this help people. Please feel free to add your own success stories! x

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    I would wrap bub up & put a warm wheat bag on his stomach. Worked when nothing else did.
    I feel your pain, its awful!


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