Hi there!

My name is Erin and I am a first year midwifery student at the University of South Australia. As part of our course I need to follow a specific number of women through their pregnancy- all the way from their antenatal appointments, through birth if you are comfortable with that, and finally during the postnatal period once your bundle of joy has arrived! The benefits are enormous for us as students, having the privilege of learning through observing your midwife or doctor and being a part of your unique journey first hand is such a wonderful opportunity for us! However having a student midwife means that you receive even more support and guidance, have another set of hands at labor and of course someone else to share your happiness, excitement and even anxieties or fears with.

There is no obligation and if at any point you decide having a student midwife isn't for you, you just say the word! Being a part of your pregnancy for any length of time is an incredible opportunity for me which I am very thankful for.

Please do let me know if you are interested, even just for a chat for more information! Or if you know of anyone who may be looking for a student midwife. My email is halej005@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Thankyou and all the best!