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    D - I wish I was. I've another month to go I would give anything to be going this month. The next 5 weeks are going to pass like YEARS for me

    On another note, I spoke to my IVF Dr regarding the Predislone vs Predisone - there is no difference. He supports me trying it, but told me that he has to warn me of the "slight" increased risk in birth defects. I completely appreciate that and I am so grateful for his support. The clinic here have been so so wonderful to me all through my IVF treatments here as well as in their support of me going to SA. The Drs here are obviously not allowed to recommend it for legal reasons, but they can certainly assist to prepare for cycles and have said that they would look after me when I come back for scans etc if I do fall pregnant. OMG... the thought of being able to say "me and pregnant" in the same sentence really gives me goose bumps.

    I was watching that new show "The Bible" last night... oh boy did I tear up at the part when Moses and his wife finally gave birth to their own child.... think the hormones are already affecting me ladies and I'm only taking the BCP at the moment to sync my cycle with my wonderful donors cycle.

    I was telling my DH about some of the side effects of Predislone - Hunger (which doesn't really bother him or me) but the energy thing is going to kill him... because I am already "full of beans". I wake at virtually the same minute every morning and just get up and go go go.... so he is well and truly freaking out about those levels increasing. My boss on the other hand might be extremely happy with that side effect (not that I have told him we're going to SA for ED)

    This time in 5 weeks I will be in SA... I cannot believe it.

    Have a wonderful Friday evening BubHubbers.

    to all of us! xxxxxxxxx

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    Your right, Donna - I agree what you say about the previous posts, I guess as it's a open forum it would be good for H&P to say who it was, rather than not, as everyone else has been so open.

    I wouldnt' let it burst my bubble either!! I am trying desperately to find a donor near Cape Town so I can go to CFC, Dr Heylen, he has been amazing and I too have felt reassured and excited to attend their clinic form all the things I have heard on this forum and what Gift ov Life has to say about them, they speak very highly of the clinic. Plus they seem to be quite proactive in trying different thing compared to the 2 clinics I attended here in Melbourne.

    I guess its just unsettling to read something like that, but you're right, everyone is different and handles things differently, and that's what's so great about this website where we can all share our experiences.

    Good luck everyone, so exciting you are all going to be over there at the same time!!

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    DONOR CONTRACT (signed by both parties)

    Chrisseytree (Cape Town - ET ? Aug)
    Wishmeluck (Cape Town - ET 14 Aug)
    Rainbowchaser (Cape Town - 15 Aug)
    Happyheart1 (Cape Town - 17 Aug)
    Pixel (Cape Town - ET ? Sep)
    JodiW (Cape Town - ET ? Sep)

    Anait (Cape Town - ET 22 July)
    Sunny15 (Cape Town - ET 24 July)
    DJShears (Cape Town - ET 24 July)
    Sh72 (Cape Town - ET 29 July)



    AllieOop (July)
    Jennilee67 (July 2x5D)
    Crystal4431 (July 2X5D)
    January (July 2x3D)
    BJ04 (July 1x5D)

    BB4Me (2x5D - Singleton)
    Araline (2x5D)
    Missleo (twins)
    Nicole72 (twins)
    SVD (twins)

    Laned (boy)
    JodiW (boy)
    Smika (girl)
    Theresa68 (girl)
    WilsonJoy (twin boys)
    Jed (boy & girl)

    SummerShine (boy)
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    I just wanted to say re H&P, I don't want anyone to be put off by her post. She said the doctor hadn't been mentioned on the site, the only have Drs LR, W, M and H, therefore her doc was not part of CFC, could be he was an associate of some sort. No idea why you would use a doc who wasn't part of CFC and no idea why you would blame CFC in this instance. As for the nurse, the nurse I had was very maternal and frankly I didn't feel like she treated me like a child at all, but some people take things differently.

    As for the door being left open during transfer, you do have a sheet over you pulled down over your knees same as in Australia no one would have been able to see anything, frankly if you want to be a mother you have to get used to your private parts being on display, especially if you are going into the public system to give birth, toilet doors will be flung open at inopportune times by little ones, its just a fact of life and U gotta take it in your stride.

    H&P had a traumatic time but I have to agree with the 'its not the norm' comment that she has received. I have been dealing with CFC and then this thread over the past 2.5 years and that was the first negative comment I have heard, I have no idea why she chose now to vent her anger. She obviously needs to vent somehow its the only way she is going to get over this and move on or any further attempts at egg donation or IVF will be a waste of money. You need to be in the right mind frame to do this journey and bitterness and anger is not the right mind frame. H&P if you are reading this, do try and get some counselling if that isn't possible, keep writing your vent down, burn it, throw it away just keep doing it, the more you do it the more you will clear your mind and then be able to move forward and be back on the journey to achieve your dream. Unfortunately there are people around who don't believe in IVF but this lady is your friend you should be able to talk to her about anything including what happened to you, she might just surprise you and offer you the support you need, she is your friend after all.

    Perhaps you should also think about ditching the eggs in SA and when you are ready to go on this journey again, go to the States / Hawaii for a donation. Cape Town will still be boring as it won't have changed, the people aren't going to change and nor are the progesterone shots as that is the way they cycle in SA.

    I really hope H&P gets the support and help she needs to overcome this traumatic experience, I also hope she can get some closure with the doctor concerned.

    in the meantime ladies, please just focus on all the women who have had an awesome time in Cape Town and have found CFC to be an extremely professional clinic who do their best for their Patients. Remember these comments have also come from women who were unfortunately unlucky in their cycles.

    i mean no disrespect to anyone or their feelings by my post, I just think there are two sides to every story and I'm not sure why CFC and their doctors are being held responsible for a non CFC doctor.

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    Thanks Donna it would be great to meet up in Cape town with you all . The date I have been given for the donor to have retrieval is July 24 so hopefully it will be July 29 for me !!! We are staying at the One hotel.

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    Hi all,

    DJ, SUNNY, ANAIT & SH72 - Wishing you all the best for your upcoming trips. You will absolutely love Cape Town, it is magnificent

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    SH72......I will send you a private message!

    January...Thanks for the good wishes and can't wait to fall in love with CT... xx

    Jodiw...Totally agreed with your post. I had to get myself in the right frame of mind before doing another cycle a couple of times. Dealing with the disappointment of miscarriage and BFNs and blighted ovums...even cancelled cycles. It all takes its toll. I think that it is important to be in a healthy head space before considering becoming a parent. It's hard work and comes with it's own stresses so emotional and psychological stability are a must. I got concerned when H&P said "I have had 7 or so embryo transfers". They are not know if you have had 6 or 7 or 8. I know I couldn't just dismiss the odd one, it doesn't work like that. I was initially angry when I read the post written by H&P as this is a supportive forum. Now however I think that by her venting here it gave her some relief so that in itself is supporting.

    Onwards and upwards......good wishes to the girls in their 2ww and to those about to undertake the experience of a lifetime

    Donna xx

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    Libelle and Abundance - You have both been in my thoughts and I hope you are taking good care of yourselves. I cannot imagine the heart wrenching experience of a negative donor cycle. May you find some peace in the fact that you are both amazing and courageous women who gave those embies every possible chance of a good life. Hope you are being kind to yourselves. Much love xx

    BB4me and Araline - Whoohoooo, a warm congratulations to you both. May you both have strong, healthy and happy pregnancies. Xx

    To everyone else, thank you for the warm posts. I agree that this is a forum which whilst being informative must ultimately be supportive of women embarking on such a huge journey. As we all know the decision to undertake ED lest alone travel overseas to do so is not one makes lightly. In this regard, whilst we have to be frank and truthful, we should also be conscious as to how our posts may affect others and be respectful.

    Hopeandprayer - I am sorry to read of your negative experience and it is terrible that you continue to suffer in what seems to be silence. I agree with the other women on this thread that you should seek counselling for your experience. It sounds as though you continue to relive and ruminate the events. Certainly not a pleasant thing for you and I am sure it is affecting every aspect of your life. In is regard, it would be best for you to talk to someone well trained to deal with your situation. It is very unfortunate that you feel your best friend is unable to offer you support. Perhaps if she knew of your struggles she may well think differently. Furthermore, it may be a time for you to consider surrounding yourself with friends who can offer you sufficient support. After all true friends will love and unconditionally support you with such decisions.

    As for my experience, I have previously documented quite clearly my experiences with Medfem clinic in Joburg. As noted, there were many things in my dealings with them that made me extremely anxious. I had expectations that the service would be somewhat similar to my Brisbane Clinic and it was not. That said, they gave me a BFP and I now have a precious baby boy.

    As for CFC, albeit I have not completed a donor cycle with them, we did leave sperm there for any future cycles and I had a consult with Dr W, in the event that my Joburg cycle was unsuccessful. As a healthcare professional, I believe I have really high expectations of health practice. As previously noted, I found CFC and Dr W to meet all my expectations with respect to professionalism. The clinic appeared to be much more organised than the Joburg clinic. Dr W went above and beyond facilitating my post TF BT and provided me with further treatment orders even though I was not his patient. I will be using CFC for any future attempts.

    As for difficult transfers. I am sure there are many of us having had so much exposure to ART, that know if we experience difficulties with TF. I like many others here have a retroverted uterus, hence transfer has always been uncomfortable. Here I have had Valium for my TF. When I advised Medfem of this, they went one step further and administered Dormicum (Midazolam), which affectively made me relax and have absolutely no recollection of the TF. This may be an option for others.

    To all the 2w Waiters - I have everything crossed for all of you and looking forward to reading some positive news. Hang in there ladies. We all know it is such a gruelling time.

    To all of you embarking on your upcoming journeys. May the magic of Africa be with you. Xxx
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    Sootymay – thank you for your kind words of support. I would love to mention the Dr but not sure if one is allowed to do so.

    I did not go into any detail with the agency – it is not their fault and there is nothing they could do anyway. Plus I did not think it fair to involve them, they had done their part well. I did enquire about the health and wellbeing of the donor as I was worried about her. They said she was fine.

    Rainbowchaser – I was not talking about the clinic and personal information, if you re-read, I was talking about the donor agency. I did give the clinic the personal information, I sent it to them directly.

    BB4Me – yes the Dr still works there – but no one has written about having this Dr doing a full process with them. This Dr’s skill level with ‘tilted’ women is, in my opinion, in need of some updated re training. I really do not want anyone else to go through what I went through. If you are tilted check the Dr has heaps of experience of this. I had been so pumped, excited and so happy about going on this journey and I have to admit that I did not check ‘tilting’ out prior.

    Donna – the fact that I was wanted to leave early does not make me a negative person – I challenge anyone to find something to do for two cold, rainy weeks when you have already done all the tourist spots and you are in constant pain. Nor do I understand why this is an issue.

    DJSHEARS So very sorry to hear you had such a painful saga, sounds very traumatic. I did not raise his on line dating as an issue – I think if you re read you will see I used it as an example of the research I did and nothing about my treatment. Plus this Dr did not treat me and I do not know him. I do not understand how my post made you angry with me. I am sorry I posted, I had assumed one would get some support and some comments are quite the opposite. I can see I made a mistake.

    Not everyone posts about their experiences, I met a lovely lady in a recovery room a few years ago, I had sat with her and held her hand as she was on her own. She had been on a long journey of 10+ IVF cycles (3 clinics) she told me she now avoided forums, at the time I did not understand what she meant. She had had a tough time with a Dr and had posted a negative comment warning people. She had talked about people ‘jumping on her head about it’ because people only want to hear the good stories and no Drs are bad in the IVF world.

    After reading JodiW’s post I really wish I had not posted, she makes me out to be some angry, bitter cow, ‘venting’. I did not realise that only positive experiences would be acceptable and supported. I am going to look at how to unsubscribe from this site. I did not expect comments to include ‘ditching your embies’, sorry we differ on this, I consider them to be far too precious to ‘ditch’.

    I can see I made an upsetting mistake in sharing. My bad. . I did not think I would have to defend myself.

    Ladies, good luck and goodbye.

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    To all the 2WW lovely ladies

    You are probably all going slightly mad just like me! I have some crazy symptoms but am well aware it is probably just the Gestone messing with my head

    Looking forward to hearing lots of positive stories this week


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