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    Default swaddle and dummy weaning

    Our gorgeous little girl is a wriggly munchkin who at 3 months is close to rolling over in bed. We ha e started to unswaddke her doing one arm first. However as we have done this her reliance on the dummy to settle has increased. Where she had started to even sleep thru some nights she is now waking after every cycle needing the dummy to resettle. Any tips on weaning of dummy and swaddle very much welcome from a sleep deprived mum.

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    Our bub was 4 months when we weaned the swaddle - after one nap of him sleeping with one arm out (when I think I spent more time settling him than he spent sleeping), I put him straight into a grobag with both arms out and by some miracle it worked and he slept fine. So maybe if he is struggling with one arm, give two arms out a try? If he really struggles, just pop one arm back in.

    The dummy was/is a harder one for us. We actually managed to ditch it for a while, but it crept back into our lives when teething and sickness struck. So it's still around for us but we try to use it as a last resort, and we are currently in the process of trying to teach bub (7.5 months) to put it in himself. Wen we initially weaned him from it, we used controlled crying as a sleep training technique - but he was just shy of 6 months (from memory), and I'm quite sure that it isn't recommended for bubs as young as yours.

    Hang in there and good luck! They are tough hurdles to conquer :-)

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    I did the swaddle in one hit too, one day I could tell she was just really struggling so I took it off and put her in a sleeping bag and she was fine from then on. We haven't tackled the dummy though - she's 8 months and it doesn't bother her when it falls out while she sleeps, it's a comfort now she's teething, and she's getting old enough to put it back in herself too so not in a huge rush! I would definitely be trying to wean if I was you though - sounds awful. I wouldn't sleep train at such a young age personally, but obviously you know yourself and your bub best with what you need to do so everyone's happier. Good luck.


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