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    Smile The story of my second born - an unplanned homebirth

    Well this is the sequel to DS's birth (his birth story here: http://www.bubhub.com.au/community/f...highlight=born)

    My second pregnancy was a little harder than the first, but still very straight forward and complication free. Even though I had already had 1 complication free & drug free vaginal birth, I still had reservations about labour this time around, and worried about all the things that could go wrong. My midwife kept assuring me things would go just as smoothly this time, and it turns out she was right

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    On Saturday 13/04 (39 weeks 4 days) I woke up early as usual, got DS up and made a cuppa. I drank this on the bed, and noticed when I got up there was a tiny smear of bloody mucus where I had been sitting. I wondered if this counted as a bloody show, but thought probably not as it was only a tiny amount, and my show before going into labour with DS was quite substantial. I felt a little achy that day, but nothing out of the ordinary, as I’d definitely been feeling the aches and pains of late pregnancy this time.

    That night each time I went to the toilet I got a bit more bloody mucus when I wiped, and this was still happening in the morning (Sunday 14/04 – 39 weeks 5 days). Around 9am on the Sunday morning I was getting very mild period-type pains and started to think we might be having a baby in the next few days. Around 10am the pains were definitely regular, but still very manageable. I just continued my usual Sunday morning cleaning, with DH checking in on me every so often to see how things were going. Around 11am the pains were definitely getting my attention, and I had to stop what I was doing and concentrate on them, so I started timing them. They were around 6-7 mins apart. I told DH I thought perhaps we might be going to the hospital that night so we might need to think about what we were going to do with DS.

    At 11:30am the contractions were 2-3 mins apart and I had to bounce on the fitball to distract me and get through them. They were painful (equivalent to bad period pain), but definitely not the level that I experienced with DS towards the end, so I thought I still had some time to go yet. I phoned my midwife to let her know I thought things were starting to happen. She asked if I wanted to meet her at hospital or have her come to the house. I thought I was nowhere near ready to go to hospital so she agreed she’d come to the house. I got in the shower and found myself on all fours getting through the contractions. When I got out of the shower I found I had to stay on all fours on the bathroom floor. I couldn’t bring myself to get up and get dressed, and by this stage DH realised we might be closer than what we thought to having a baby and was running around trying to pack the car. Around 11:45am I started to feel an urge to push. I started to panic, and fought the urge, then my waters burst. DH was getting a bit worried and phoned our midwife to tell her my waters had broken, she assured him she was on her way and only 10-15 mins away. He got my fitball for me and I leaned over that, still on my knees on the bathroom floor. The urge to push was getting stronger and I couldn’t fight it – I yelled to DH I had to push – his reply was ‘NO! Don’t push, midwife's not here yet!!’. The poor thing was running between DS in the living room and me in the bathroom checking on us both, and checking out the front for the midwife.

    Just after 12pm our midwife arrived. She checked bubs heartrate and said there was one very happy little baby in there about to come out and we weren’t going anywhere! She phoned her colleague to see if she was close enough to attend the birth. DH phoned his dad to come and sit with DS, as he was starting to get a bit confused and upset by my noises. I think there were around 4 or 5 powerful contractions that I pushed through before I could feel bub crowning – at which point I told my midwife I didn’t want to do it anymore and tried to hold baby in!! (I remembered the pain and burning of crowning all too well from DS's birth!). The second midwife arrived a contraction before bub was born. His head was out in a couple of pushes and I knew the worst was over. One more contraction and his little body slipped out – at 12:26pm. A beautiful surprise little boy, weighing in at 3.26kg (or 7 pound 3 ounces), born on the bathroom floor! There was no tearing or grazes and bub was passed straight to me for skin on skin. His cord was left to pulsate and the placenta was delivered about 20 minutes after he was born.

    What a whirlwind!! This labour was classed as about 2.5 hours (which was from when my contractions were regular, medium strength and about 10 mins apart). I’m just so thankful my wonderful midwife made it to me in time – I knew everything would be ok as long as she was there.
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    Congratulations! :-)
    What an awesome birth story <3

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    Wow, great story!! Congrats x

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    Wow!!! Congratulations, you did a fabulous job....


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