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    Go for it. I fell pregnant the week I started at a job and they were really good about it all when I told them. I did however hold off on telling them until I was 18 weeks. I even got maternity leave even though I wasn't entitled to it because it was less than a year but they really wanted me to come back.
    How did you tell them? I'm about 6 weeks into my new job and around 3/4 weeks pregnant. I have no idea how I'm gonna tell them. If I'm asked if it was planned (and there's a good chance I will) I'll be really p*@#ed because I don't want to look dodgy for getting pregnant so soon but we're so happy and grateful it happened so quickly! I'm so happy but also so worried about mc and streesed about telling work

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    No self respecting manager would ask if it was planned! If they do, just look directly at them, let there be an awkward silence for 5-10 seconds and then say I don't think that's relevant to this discussion.

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    LFA when I couldn't hide it anymore I asked my boss if I could meet with her and just said I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I really like the job and would like to come back after the baby. Lucky for me they didn't want to lose me so I finished up last week and I am going back in Jan 2015. However my advise is hold off as long as you can as I couldn't tell you how many people I know who have told there bosses early and at there review been told there services are no longer required for some random reason when really it is because they are pregnant This was the reason I hung out until 18 weeks. There actually was another girl at my work who told the same boss at 6 weeks she was pregnant and at her review was told her position was no longer required, her and I were due at the same time but she unfortunately lost the baby. I told them 12 weeks later and I guess I was part of the team by then which is what made the difference. It's none of there business when you tell them and by law you don't have to so just don't answer if they are ask if it was planned and really they can't ask.


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