Why do all the toys have to have switches for noise?
The baby swing, the baby bouncer all have swithes to play music along with vibration/rocking. Im constantly going around switching everything off beause my 2 year old likes to turn on anything with a switch. (including lights in the house) .
Ive taken batteries out of the most annoying toys. But with the baby swing for instance, if i take out the batteries because i cant stand the music that is constantly turned on by my dd, it wont rock. defeats the purpose of a swing, really.
What's wrong with silence?
Whats wrog with letting children use their imagination with their toys? Why do the toys have to sing the alphabet to a silly tune?
Why does the 'talking puppy' have to say "tummy hahaha that tickles!!" along with anoying music... when the child pushes it's tummy? Im sure if the "talking puppy" was a "mute puppy" my dd would get just as much enjoyment out of it using her imagination to make it "talk to her".

Anyways, this is just a vent. most people probably wouldnt have a problem with. but im fed up with toys and their stupid noise. Its probably all part of trying to get my 3mth old to sleep and him being woken up by a stupid toy..