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    Default Advice please - whether to cancel or continue

    I did my first IVF cycle in February this year - it was a long protocol with Synarel and Gonal-F 150. I didn't tolerate the Synarel at all, had a week off work with migraines and it was terrible. They got 8 eggs at EPU, 3 fertilised, 2 put back, no frosties and a BFN. We don't really have any issues - DH is all good, I had some endo removed last year but nothing significant. I'm starting to this egg quality is my issue. Previously we did about 4 or 5 IUI cycles, I can't even remember how many, and had been trying for 18 months prior to that. I'm 35 and DH is 39.

    This cycle I just started on the weekend with injections, no synarel. We decided to go with the short protocol, which for me is 150 Gonal-F for the past 6 days. At my scan this morning they found 5 follies on the right, and none on the left

    My FS suggested cancelling the cycle and going again next month at a higher dose. He seems scared to up the dose as he thinks at my AMH level I might get way too many and get OHSS. He said it was up to me - that he could get me to EPU this cycle with the 5 I have and hope for the best. Or not waste the $3500 a full cycle will cost and aim for better next time.

    Of course I'm devastated, as everyone on here is with a cancelled cycle. Struggling not to burst into tears here at work!! FS gave me another 2 doses of Gonal-f to have Thurs and Fri mornings, and I go back for another scan on Friday for a decision. I don't know what I should do. I just want it to happen now, but then would like to get some frosties if I can so I don't have to keep going through this. Plus we don't have endless amounts of money so I don't want to throw good money at a bad situation. I would like some unbiased opinions and thought this is the best place for them - people that don't know me!!

    The other thing is - i have a two week holiday booked for May. This would now clash with the new cycle and have to be cancelled. While we wouldn't lose any money on the holiday, i feel like if I don't get a break from this constant waiting and worrying I will go mad!!!! Almost three years of this is doing my head in. I can't take leave after May as I work in Finance and it's year end so quite busy, any holiday would then have to wait till later in the year. And who knows what cycle would clash with that holiday.. Putting your life on hold for this process is one of the worst things about it.

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    If it was me I would continue with the cycle. Looking and reading at many threads on here over the years it is clear that sometimes those with even really low numbers get good fertilisation and pregnancy rates.
    I have also heard others say quality not quantity.
    Personally I have always had very high numbers and have had OHSS twice, so I would personally prefer lower numbers. My last cycle was a freeze all because I had 32 eggs collected, of those 19 fertilised and we are in the process of FET.
    If it were me I would have hated going through all the drugs and not being able to at least try for a healthy embryo.
    Good luck with whatever choice you make.


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