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    Default need help bad nausea

    so im just over 12wks, and the last few weeks, my nausea is getting worse and worse, gagging every half hour, not being able to handle much food and fluid, I started vomiting on the weekend and was admitted in ED for dehydration and low blood pressure, gp yesterday put me on odansetron wafers, yesterday they worked wonders, today I had one at 11, with no success, then had another one at 2, also with no success, im trying to eat really small amounts (its all I can tolerate) and sips of drink, but what else is there that I can do? when I was in ED the gave me stemitol via the iv fluid, that only helped for 2hrs, I cant keep going like this, I need my life back, and I want to eat healthy for bubs

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    Sounds alot like my MS at 8-15wks

    My GP eventually gave me maxallon and it was the best thing for it. It was the only way to control the nausea enough so I could eat small amounts of food and stop from being malnourished.

    I would highly recommend seeing your gp again for a prescription. If you can't eat at all, its not good for you or bubs and something needs to be done to help that. In the meantime try hydrolight or powerade to combat your dehydration.

    Best of luck. Hope it passes soon!!

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    I find with the ondansetron that it doesn't work as well if I leave taking it until the nausea is really bad- if i left it too late i would still vomit 20 minutes later. I've been prescribed it three times a day for hyperemesis and it seems to work best if I take it regularly, with the first tablet as soon as I wake up (then I try to stay in bed for another half an hour to let it kick in). Maybe something to try? Also just keep trying lots of different drinks to see what sits ok for you (sparkling apple juice worked for me in the end!).
    Just be reassured that its not doing any damage to bubs - I've seen countless drs and they all say the same thing. Even if you feel dreadful bub will take nutrients from your stores. I lost over 10% of my body weight in 7 weeks and at my last scan bub was measuring a few days ahead. It's a horrible feeling though so I hope it passes soon for you. Take care and keep going back to hospital for a drip if you need to.

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    I have HG and take odensatran. I am now 20 weeks but have been on it since 9 weeks. Orginally I would get up and wait until I vomited in the morning (usually as soon as I am up), then take 1 wafer every eight hours regardless of how I felt. It stopped the vomiting but I still had the nausea.
    Now at 20 weeks I can get away with just the one wafer first thing in the morning (after I vomit) and then do not vomit the rest of the day, but nausea still remains.

    I'd suggest taking one as soon as you get up and then every eight hours (or whatever was recommended to you) regardless of how you feel at the time. I also found that originally I could only stomach carbs and nothing else, so even though I knew it wasn't neccessarily what I should eat I just lived off what I could.
    I hope in time it eases for you.


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