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    Default 6 Month Old Screaming Nowadays

    So my cute precious LO is now 6 months and he definitely has found his voice.

    Yesterday we were out having dinner (after a long time) at a restaurant. While waiting for food we took turns carrying him a bit. I was thinking when dinner came he would be happy enough to just sit in the stroller while we ate our food asap.

    He decided he wasnt going to do that and started screaming. I mean screaming. Intermittently. So the waitress brought the highchair but after changing seat he did not stop. DH ended up carrying him and eating.

    LO was already fed and had his nap. We gave him some toys but it did not work.

    Is this just a phase that LO will grow out of?

    Anyone tried teaching your bub (if he/she does scream) not to scream? How? Or is this way too young?

    LO does this at home too. He seems to get bored super quick. But it's easier at home. When we are out I will like to be as considerate to others as possible.

    After some advice. Thanks.

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    I wish I knew the answer to this!! My son does the same - he has phases that come and go, he does it much more often just before a new tooth cuts through. I've also noticed he does it when he is starting to get overtired.

    I haven't successfully been able to stop it completely but I have found that he doesn't do it if being held or if he is in the ergo carrier.

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    My dd & ds have both been screamers - my ds initially cause of his reflux and my dd was more for attention/wanting to 'talk' to us (even from a young age). My dd progressed to be a squealer in the 6 - 12 month age. That was a behaviour we did deal with (well we tried) by saying a firm 'no' and then directing her to do something. She doesn't squeal now.

    As for screaming when out that's not so easy. It depends on the reason. It sounds to me like it was probably close to your ds's bedtime and he is just saying he is tired and doesn't want to be out in a stimulating and strange environment. So, should you give up? No. But, I would go to dinner as early as possible (?5pm) on a day when your ds isn't overtired (as an extra precaution) and I'd go when your ds needs food so you've got something to distract him with for at least part of the time. And choose a place that has quick table service. I think it's important for children to go out to restaurants as part of their life experience, but it's ok for you to get a babysitter and go with your dh as well .

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    I wish I knew the answer to this. My DS screams EVERY time we go out for a meal. He's 8 months now and has done it all his life. We've persevered because eating out is a big part of our life and he needs to accept it as normal, but it is SO exhausting and not at all pleasurable to eat out with him. I'm really conscious of other diners and have found that usually he improves a bit if I get him out of the pram/high chair but not always. The other thing that has helped since he started solids is to hand him something off my plate (bread crust, carrot stick etc) which keeps him happy for a little while. It does seem much worse when he is tired fwiw.


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