Hi all,
I'm Kathryn and I'm a third year Bachelor of Midwifery student.
I'm posting here to see if any pregnant ladies in Melbourne would like to be a part of the Continuity of Care Experience as a part of my Bachelor of Midwifery degree. I am posting on this board specifically because I am a lesbian and would like to work with a LGBTQ family as a means of enhancing my understanding of what navigating the maternity care system is like for these families and to raise awareness amongst my peers as to how to best support LGBTQ families.

Basically, what the CCE involves is I would come to your appointments with you and spend time with you observing your care, discussing your pregnancy, what is important to you, your needs etc. I can help you access evidenced based information regarding any concerns or interests you have and be there as someone to discuss anything and everything with. The main aim of the program is for students to develop an ongoing relationship with a woman throughout her pregnancy and for six weeks postnatally. I have really enjoyed working with my other ladies, have found it such a joy to be able to share in such a special time in their lives and have learnt so much by being involved with them.

On a more practical side, the program doesn't require that you take any extra time out of your schedule, perhaps aside from the initial meet up. I travel to your appointments independently and schedule any time we spend together completely around what suits you. I am supported and guided by my mentor, who is a registered midwife and by academic staff from the university and would provide you with their contact details so you could get in touch if needed.

I think I've covered all the bases here!! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or you're between 12-35 weeks pregnant and interested and we can arrange a meet up. My contact details are kknee86@gmail.com and 0457 819 419.

Thanks, Kathryn