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    Default Breast fed baby only taking a small amount of EBM from bottle

    When my bub was 1 week old, she'd take 80ml of breastmilk from a bottle in 1 feed. She's now 7 weeks old, and we're lucky if she'll take 25mL. My IL's babysat her last week for about 4 hours and during that time she drank about 75mL. When she only drinks small amounts, she's still content and will go to sleep easily. I think I may have read somewhere that some breastfed babies will hold out until they can drink straight from the breast, is this true? I just don't like to think that she's hungry!

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    My girl more-or-less took from the bottle for a few weeks (be never more than 50mLs or so), then flat out refused it until the last few weeks (she's now six months!).
    I think what helped was that I introduced a sippy cup for water, n while she doesn't drink much, she LOVES cold water - mainly, I think she became familiar with the plastic teat n the cold water in the tear helped her teething gums. Anyhoo, one day I tried just thawed BM n she gulped it down! A week later, I tried warm BM (still in the sippy cup), and since then she has been happy to have EBM in a normal bottle. Sooooooo happy!


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