I'm currently doing my first IVF cycle. We are doing the 8 week down regulation cycle through Genea at Newcastle. Today we had our first follicle scan today after 7 days of stimulation. They counted 22 follicles with 10-12 ones of good size, however hormone levels are low as they have me on the lowest does of Gonal-F possible as I'm at risk of overstimulation (high egg count due to polycystic ovaries). Next scan is on Wednesday.

I'm looking for any ladies up to the same stage as me so we can debrief, etc. I have a great support network but no one truly knows what it feels like to be doing this...it hasn't been easy! I feel like there are so many hurdles to overcome before we can hold our precious baby in our arms...if we ever get our precious baby (that's the daily fear I carry around, as I can imagine you all do).

I'd love the hear from anyone at a similar stage to me...or from anyone that just feels like a chat.

Baby dust to all the special ladies x