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    I have always done gentle running/jogging (never been fast or amazing!!). I ran up until 21 weeks, and actually found that if I felt a bit nauseous it was great to get outside and get some wind in my face. Just got to bite the bullet and make yourself go (probably no different to not being pregnant!) I also changed from enjoying running in the morning to preferring to go in the evenings. I only gave it up because of the hot weather during Feb. Probably would have run longer if it had of been cooler.

    The most important things are making sure that your body isn't overheating, and heart rate is a good indicator of that. I tried to keep my heart rate at or below 150, only going up to 160 or 170 for short spurts. Running intervals with walking in between is one way to do this if you struggle to keep your heart rate down. Don't wear too many layers of clothes. Keep hydrated and keep up the pelvic floor exercises too.

    You are preparing your body for a really physical event (birth) so stay as fit as you can.

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    Hi Ladies,
    I Have been wondering this myself for the last week. After 3-4yrs of TTC our first baby I am finally pregnant! woo hoo. First thing one doctor said to me was not to run, then I went to my usual GP clinic and was told I could keep going, but the message was to pair it back a little, not overheat and stay hydrated. Because of my age the Doc' did say if there is a risk why take it, however so many others I have spoken to about this say pretty much the same thing, and that is it's worse to suddenly stop what I'm doing and that it's ok to keep going as I am so long as I listen to what my body is saying.
    Thankyou four-legged-mummy for your post it made me feel a lot better, I also read somewhere about keeping your heart rate at around 150bpm, think I will do the same. I have been running for some months now and just over a week ago joined the local runners club! then on my second run sat' a week ago I got my first ever BFP! its funny because I had largely put my plans for TTC on hold and the first thing I could think of was "will I be able to keep running". Now hubby and I are over the moon and one of the biggest things for me is keeping up my fitness. It's nice to see it's o.k to keep going and just listen to my body and take the cues it's giving me. Now all I have to do is know how to listen!

    Cheers ladies and maybe I'll pop my head in from time to time, keep posting you never know who will benefit from what you put on here.


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    Hi ladies,

    I saw my GP the other day about this issue (and also for first appt after BFP!).

    I just wanted to echo PP - GP said basically to do what is comfortable and in line with what you were doing pre pregnancy, and that it's better and important to stay active and fit during pregnancy than to stop everything!! The only thing she warned against was heavy contact sports and heavy weight training.

    I play netball once a week, run 5-10km 2x a week, bike 20-40km once a week and do Pilates and yoga. She said this is fine to continue with, maybe just tone back the speed on the run a bit, and be careful with joints in netball.

    Basically just listen to your body :-). I have heard though that keeping HR to 140-150 is also good as a guide as how hard to go.


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