I am soooooooooooooo sick of your CRAPPY SERVICE. I am sick of the morons you have in other countries that ring at 10.30 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!! ''to sort out a problem we have had..'''um YES... our phone line has stopped working back in February.. and it still does not work!!! I am sick of ringing tech support over and over and over again just to get moron after moron who runs you in circles. Then to be told we won't get any credit for being inconvenienced the phone line (business land line, ) as it wasn't listed as a ''fault'' on the line since yesterday... um, WHAT the hell have i been ringing you for??? since Feb?!?! i am so angry. This is a business & home land line and it is just dead. The troubles we have had from clients trying to get in touch has been driving me batty... oh yes, and they ''can't'' get a tech to come out and fix the line til the start of May.

I AM going to cancel their crappy contract and move elsewhere.. they can stick their service where the sun doesn't shine!!