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    Default I need more hours in the day!!

    How do you find the balance between studying, family and keeping the house from looking like a bomb has hit it? I'm studying nursing externally part time and I'm struggling! I feel like I just can't do it and I want to give up!

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    I have to learn to let some things slide. I may not make it to swimming every week, and I may not vacuum the floors twice a week, but I get by. I have learned the hard way that people need to pitch in. DS is now asked to put his bowls/plates etc in the sink after eating and he has to tidy his toys at the end of the day rather than me picking up after him. DP does the dishes if I cook. I'm no longer afraid to ask him to hang out a load of washing if I'm in the middle of something else or running late and can feel the stress levels rising.

    I find I'm most productive in the mornings, so I get up earlier to prepare lunches/tidy up. Before I leave I always make sure the dishes are at least in the dishwasher, wipe over the counter tops and make sure the living area is tidy. The bedrooms/vacuum/bathroom etc can wait until the weekend (unless filthy of course).

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    I am a night owl so I attempt to clean only 3 tines during the day.
    I have a timetable which helps me stay on track with the house work alot of the time, and keep up with the kids activities.
    My man works alot so I have a 6 day timetable, with Sunday as a no study or housework day.
    I think you should look at trying to make 1 hour set aside everyday just for the cleaning, be it vacuuming, or laundering clothes. I cant day that I am a good clothes folder.
    Getting the kids involved is a great start, I have my 2 daughters aged 5 and 7 drying dishes and picking up toys before breakfast and making beds. It makes things so much easier just knowing that they can help you.
    It is good for them too... I was raised without chores in the household and had to learn the hard way to be clean when I met my man 5 years ago. So yeah challenges will always make you stronger and better at something.
    You could just hire a cleaner though.... That would be a dream come true!


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