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    Default Breaking 4month old routine for a day/night??

    hi all,

    i have a 4month old that has just started a more structured routine as she was hard to put to bed at nights.

    Anyway this is the current routine:

    7am bottle
    9am bed

    11am bottle
    playtime go out to shops
    1pm bed

    3pm bottle
    4.30pm 30 min nap

    6pm bath
    6.30 bottle
    7pm bed

    Usually wakes through the night but that varies.

    Anyway we are only up to day 5 of this new routine and we have an engagment party this weekend. Would you keep routine the same on that day and hope she sleeps at the party or would you give her a proper afternoon nap instead of catnap???

    Just afraid of breaking the routine so early on in starting it.

    Looking forward to your advice. Thanks

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    If it was me I would try to stick to it as much as possible. Obviously if you are leaving early then you may not be able to bath but at that age they don't get dirty anyway.

    Just be prepared that she may need more assistance to go to sleep at 7 or may wake more during the night.

    Oh and if you don't want people looking/talking to her when she is going to sleep - be vocal! Because alot of people don't think. I put the hood down on DS pram when he is going to sleep and it is a big one that goes all the way over with just a small gap at the bottom and people still insist on bending down to look or talk to him. Grrrr.

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    We also had a sort of loose routine at that age and we went to a wedding and stuck to the routine the whole arvo and evening and bub did very well. So I would say, try to stick to it.

    I had bub nap in his 4 wheeler-pram as the wedding was outdoors, then came evening he went to bed in his another pram (indoors).

    I packed his swaddle, comforter, milk, toys (didnt even use), large cloth for cutting out distraction so he would be able to sleep.

    It takes a bit of planning and organising but everything turned out perfectly. The wedding was very noisy of course, but he was about the only baby who slept.

    Good luck.


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