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    Default Keeping up calories while breastfeeding but trying to lose weight?

    I know that you're supposed to eat about 2200 calories a day when breastfeeding. Today, 6 weeks pp, I've started paying attention to what I'm eating to try to lose some weight. I'm not dieting, just less chocolate and more fruit, veggies and water. Up until now I've had no problem with my milk supply, but I'm worried because fruit and veggies are lower in calories than chocolate that my milk supply might drop. How can I keep my calories up while eating lower calorie foods? I just had a look at what the ABA recommends a breastfeeding mum should eat and the amounts are crazy (7 grain servings a day! I'm lucky to have 3!) so if I follow that I feel like I'll be eating all day! I was going to try to exercise 3-4 times per week, just walking for now, but I'm worried that will be too many calories going out? How have other mums successfully lost weight whilst maintaining a good supply of milk?

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    Of course you can lose weight while feeding. Fruits, veg and whole grains will give a better supply than chocolate will. Make sure you include foods that help to build good quality milk like oats and things with yeast. Nake sure your eat enough protien and keep up your iron supply.


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