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With that time honoured instrument of snake "relocation": a shovel.

If I thought I could safely move the snake without risking serious injury, I would have. Unfortunately snake wrangling is not one of my many varied skills. I live remotely, there is no local snake handler to call on. But it was in my house, and leaving it there was not an option. It was a black snake, so not the nastiest kind, but a bite to a child or pet could prove fatal.

I don't kill snakes for fun, when I see them in the paddock I give them room to move on, when I come across them on the road I swerve around them.
We get Death Adders, Browns, Red Bellies and harmless snakes too. In fact I've seen all three in the last month. We just let them go away, the closest to the house was a brown on the verandah steps two ish weeks ago. I don't know how I would react if one was inside but it does worry me.

Surprisingly enough when I see them I don't freak out. Mind you a red belly took some very good and close swings at Dp the other week, luckily it missed.

I don't own anything fur, snakeskin or ivory. Im not interested in it. I do one a couple of leather things, my car seats, a pair of shoes and my office chair. Everything else is fake leather.

I enjoy eating meat and prefer to buy locally sourced meat, as in a way I hope it's slaughtered in a more ethical way. I don't buy imported meat.

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