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    Default Having Babies after 35...

    Hello Ladies,

    My partner & I have just found out we have a welcomed suprise due nov 20.
    As you can imagine these past few weeks have really turned my head upside down & all around, as im 36.
    My biggest fear being to old, & what about if somethings not right with baby because of it.
    I always said no babies after 30, & that I did 4 beautiful beings by the time i was 29.
    I have so many emotions at the moment, some selfish, knowing im going to be tied down again, not being able to work as much, so we wont have the lifestyle we have now.... & on the other hand im so in love with my partner (whom ive know since i was 14) that I cant wait to share something so beautiful together,...AAAHHhh hormones suck!
    Ok rant over, just wanting other mums opinions & did you have testing done?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! I'm 41 and a mum of 2... Had my DS when I was 36 & DD at 39...I did have an amnio with DS because of my age only (first bub & knowing no different, just did what my doctor suggested) I had no extra testing with DD, just the normal scans & blood tests.. I had awesome pregnancies with both bubs & 3 &1/2 hour labour with DS, 5 hours with DD. Was lucky enough to have no tears etc with either bub. Having my 2 children is the most amazing thing I have ever done.. The unconditional love you feel when your baby is born is like nothing you have ever felt before. I can't compare being an older mum to & younger one because I don't know any different.. My pair are nearly 5 & 2 now (both born on the same day lol) and while I have bad days like any other mum, I wouldn't change it for the world...


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