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    I am writing to ask for advice, hints, tips! I started the pill to induce AF on Easter Sunday so in approx 3 weeks from now I will start injections! A mixture of emotions are running through me that's for sure - nerves, excitement etc - I am sure you all know how I feel!

    I was just wondering if anyone has any hints/tips/advice on lifestyles/diet/exercise before starting IVF? During the treatment and after transfer? Any foods to eat to help with transfer etc. Acupuncture? I'd love to hear what you went through, your thoughts and theories.

    Thank you so much,


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    I had to lose weight for my ivf so I was very strict up until transfer then diet and exersise went out the window to a degree until the blood test lol I was paranoid if making implantation hard for the emby lol! I ate almonds and walnuts like they were going out of fashion too in the tww.

    As for the injections, breathe! I got so worked up and had so much adrenalin the first time I was ready to pass out!! But then it was nothing lol! I didn't have to do down regulation first so I have no tips for that.

    Umm, oh egg pick up! I was surprised how much the outside of my lady bits ached! Drive soooo slow over speed bumps for almost a week after lol but cramping etc i didn't get too bad at all

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    Hi JB2011,

    I too am new to IVF and am actually going through my first cycle now. Tonight is my last night of the stimulation injections (Gonal F 150ul) and I'm having a scan & blood test tomorrow morning.

    So far I've found the only problem is my lower abdomen hurts if I'm wearing jeans to long and I feel bloated. The scales say I haven't put on weight so hoping they are right lol.

    The best advice I can give in regards to giving yourself the injections is take a deep breath in then as you slowly exhale insert the needle. Take another deep breathe and exhale slowly as you inject and again when removing if need be. Don't hold your breath whilst inserting the needle, it'll hurt more. I learnt this technique from a body piercer many years ago and use it every time I get a piercing, blood test, injection etc. It actually lessons the pain where as holding your breath increases the pain.


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