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    Default How to keep her off the tube???

    DD is 6, turning 7 in July.
    She has a big medical history including 4 yrs of tube feeding and a stint on TPN.

    DD is currently 105cm, 18.4kg and losing weight (she was very very close to 20kg in December).

    DD isn't eating enough to sustain weight, let alone grow. What can I do?? I'd dearly love to keep her off the tube, but its not looking likely at the moment.

    I try and offer her foods i know she likes, within reason of course. I cannot control her eating while she's at school, and some does she eats absolutly nothing from her lunch box. Ive asked the teacher aide to keep an eye on her but she can't really do much but encourage.

    Often DD will refuse breakfast and or dinner, and barely eat in between. Ive tried rewarding, praise and encouragement, allowing leway in meal times for her but nothing is working!!

    Any suggestions?
    How much does your almost 7 yr old eat, are they a healthy weight?

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    Hi, I have lots of experience with TPN working on a gastro ward. It might be worthwhile to get a referral to a dietician. I know with our kiddies we used to add things like sustagen to their diet for weight gain. There are special drinks these day that actually taste nice. Is there a dietician linked to the hospital she once went to? Tube feeding is horrible and the older they get the harder it can be. Please inbox me if you have any further questions, more than happy to help.

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    I dont have experience with tube feeding/TPN as a parent (although have nursing exp), but have had a child with Failure to Thrive, although at a much younger age. Have you seen a dietician recently in regards to increasing her calories? What things does she enjoy eating? When my son was losing weight we "calorie added" with calorie rich, but "nutrient dense" foods - dairy products and things like avocado etc fit the bill. It is important that what she does eat is high in calories, but also high in nutrients - so junk food really isn't much good, as although it is high in cals, it has little nutrition. I am sure you know all this, but just in case

    Does she like a milkshake? Can you calorie boost a yummy milkshake with polyjoule, cream, bananas etc. Or homemade milkshake icecreams? Think about the few foods she might love to eat and think of how you can boost their calorie content, by adding to them, so even if she only eats a little, you know it is packed full of the good stuff

    Also have you spent time with a Speech Pathologist to help work through this (I'm sure I have read that you have in the past?) as she may well continue to have food aversion issues.

    All the best, I hope things get better and you don't have to go the tube again.

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    My neice is a similar size to your daughter, never wanted to eat much, size 4 when she was about 7. My sister eventually went to a naturopath and since she cut out gluten and cow dairy (can have goat milk etc) she is a lot better, is still tiny but at least eats well.


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