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    Default 6 month old has gone from 1 feed a night to 3 or 4!!!

    My DD who is 6 months or 4.5 adjusted is fantastic at going to bed, she is out to it by 7pm, self settles, and was waking between 1-3am for a feed. She is breastfed. But as of 2 weeks ago she has started waking at 10, 1, 4 & up at 7 on a good night. Nothing has changed, we live in Cairns and its still pretty warm at night, and I do have a blanket on her, there are no signs of teeth, she is on solids and loves them. Could it just be a growth spurt. I'm so confused as to what to do. Every time she wakes I put her on the boob, I'm not sure if i should try to just get her back to sleep, but then I think, she feeds so she must need it. She is a small baby, only weighs 6 kg and that's my reason as to why I feed her all the time. She is a really bad day sleeper, 3 x 40 min naps and my night sleep was my sanity..until now..please help

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    It might be a growth spurt, or it could be the "4 month sleep regression", or something else. How long does she go during the day between feeds? Because I always figure if she can go 4 hours during the day she can go at least that long at night! My DD gets a dream feed around 10-11pm (have you tried that?) and then one more feed during the night. Usually if she wakes up before about 3am we just rock her back to sleep. If she's really hungry she'll be awake again in 5 or 10 minutes, and I'll feed her. But if not, she'll go back to sleep and I feed her when she wakes up after 3am. It might be worth a try. I'm not surprised she's feeding, even if she's not actually waking up hungry - it's so comforting for them


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