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    Default About Teething

    My son is 24 weeks and I'm not sure if he's teething or not. He's been a little out of sorts all day. But this afternoon he woke up suddenly from his nap and screamed like nothing on Earth I've heard before for 15 minutes. He was totally inconsolable, even after a feed. Then suddenly he was absolutely fine. We first thought maybe he'd had a bad dream, but he's been chewing on everything he can for a couple of weeks now and drooling a lot too. I've tried to have a look and can't see any buds in his gums, but he has been biting/clamping down extremely hard during feeding and if he can get someone's finger in his mouth as well.

    My question is: what does teething pain look like? Could it come and go so intensely and quickly like this? Or is it more likely something else?


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    I'm sure every child is different, but this is what teething has been like for DS1.

    - unsettled sleep, especially at night
    - wakes up grizzling, not really screaming
    - I've never seen teeth until they pop through
    - sometimes goes off his food
    - with current molars, he can be irritable
    - no red cheeks, hardly any drool
    - Panafol not effective, Nurofen great

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    When my boy was teething he hardly had any symptoms. Just a bit of runny poop, and drooled a bit and whinges quite a bit one night before his teeth a finally cuts through. Otherwise no other symptoms at all no screaming etc.
    My DD is about 25 weeks and has woken up couple of times screaming for 15 min straight then suddenly she's ok too. I think she's either over tired or could be tummy ache?


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