DD was TT during the day quite early at 21 months with the occasional dry night nappy. It was self initiated and we just followed her cues.

When DD3 was born after a couple of weeks she stopped using the toilet and will just wee wherever she likes- on books, carpet, beds, the lounge, chairs, mats. Pretty much everywhere she does not discriminate. I've been persevering and only putting a nappy on her during the day if we were going out. Poos she will always do on the toilet I don't have to worry about that.

But enough is enough no amount of praise, encouragement, or perseverance is making a difference. Any suggestions?

I wanted to avoid putting her into nappies full time but I don't really see an option anymore. When she wees on the bed it means absolutely everything has to be washed, even the doona! When she wees on the carpet I scrub it of course but I don't want it to get ruined. And out mat, well it's another story!