Hi, My name is Larissa and I am a second year student midwife/nurse studying at UQ. As part of our degree and to become registered after graduation I need to complete 20 follow through continuity of cares. This is where as a student I follow the pregnancies of 20 different women from the antenatal period, through the birth and even post nattily for a few weeks. I am really enthusiastic and passionate the about midwifery. I rally want women to have the best possible pregnancy and birthing experience they can and believe this is all about good and appropriate support. Student midwives are able to provide great support for you and your partner and provide continuity in you pregnancy care that you don't often get in the hospital system. If you are interested in having me follow through your pregnancy please contact me via larissa_midwifery@hotmail.com or through this website. I'm hoping to hear from you soon.Larissa