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    Default Weird Pregnancy Dreams

    Mine have been getting very odd and would love to hear if others are having odd dreams as well.

    My weirdest would have to be the other night. I had a little girl and nobody from my family was there, nor DP, so I named my little girl Leona Legola(nowhere near mine or DP's last name) DP then showed up and got really angry that I'd named our girl and broke up with me and went to the pub.
    My Aunt and Nan then showed up and wanted to see the baby but she had turned into a cat. Everyone got really angry at me because they wanted a baby and not a cat and I was trying to say I want my baby, I don't want a cat.
    Then snapped to dropping our cat to DP and screamed at him as he had a nursery set up and I was like 'you don't need a nursery, you need a kitty litter, how can you not have a kitty litter for our cat' but then thought 'hey if we have another baby then the nursery hasn't gone to waste'

    So freaking odd, I couldn't believe it when I woke up. Is it just me or is anyone else having crazy weird dreams?

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    I had a dream that I bought the baby home from the hospital, but then couldn't remember where I put it. I was worried that everyone was going to think I was a horrible mother because I couldn't remember where I left the baby and couldn't find it

    Then I had another dream where the baby was very premature and tiny, but I took it home anyway and it just slept in a little box instead of it's cot, I couldn't feed it because it was so small so I was just hoping it would get bigger before it starved to death.

    There was also a dream where I had twins, and I accidentally left them in the bathtub and drowned them, but I knew I could fix it if I just waited for them to dry so I left them out in the sun...?

    So basically, my dreams are trying to tell me I'm going to be a terrible mother

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    If I read into all my dreams than I'm gonna be a horrible mum and DP is gonna leave me for an old friend he has never met. Had those dreams too many times lol

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    I had the most bizarre dream that I went into labour and DH was like - you can't now we have so much to do. He made me keep cleaning out house and I was really scared the baby was just going to fall on the ground. I kept asking DH to take me to the hospital and he was like - not everything is about you. I went into anther room and had the baby (another boy) and suddenly all the family arrived and tried to convince me to name out boy a name I don't like. They even called the priest to try and convince me.

    We then inherited this big house with a huge back yard and I was so happy but there was a building in the back yard that was haunted. I tried to reason with the ghost but he wouldn't listen so I called superman - who had an inner ear infection so could not fly. I woke up as I was trying to convince the ghost to go to superman so he could defeat him without flying.

    Yep very vivid dreams. Remember the disappointment I felt when I saw the ghost (not fear strangely)

    Maybe I am watching too much supernatural???


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