Hi Bubhub Mums,

Im looking for submissions from Mums for a writing project.

What is the one thing that you wish more than anything that someone had told you beforehand about having a baby?

Maybe you wish that someone had had the guts to tell you how incredibly tough it can be, or how hopeless you might feel. Or maybe you wish someone had better prepared you for how amazing it really feels to have your little one in your arms.

You might wish that you knew how physically painful labour and its after effects can really be on your body or that breastfeeding can be both amazing and annoying/painful/boring at the same time!

I welcome any stories and will be in touch with you before they go anywhere else. At the moment this is simply a project for myself but I am hopeful it might turn into something bigger in the long run. I think all new mums need a helping hand and there is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there that we can all share with them!

Please send your submissions to alison.iwishiknew@gmail.com

Thanks ladies