I think this might be a bit late for you, but I had my first with Dr Pierre Smith and I can't recommend him highly enough, I've sent 4 of my girlfriends to him since, he was that good!

He works out of SJOG mt lawley (used to be mercy) and he works in a team with Dr Ana Perkovic (if you wanted a female doctor) and Dr Patrick Wu, all three are fabulous. You get to meet each of them once during your pregnancy. They have one weekend off a month, and if you deliver when your dr's off, you already know the dr who you will see, unlike say sjog subi where you are in a team of 8 and you never meet the other dr's.

You also get to meet a super nice midwife who you get to call up if you have an questions you feel to silly (like it did) to ask! :P