I'm always so nervous starting a thread so I hope someone can help me!!!

Today is CD29 of a roughly 32 day cycle meaning CD1 will probably land on the public holiday. I have PCOS and am currently on my 4th cycle of 50mg Clomid.

If this cycle is not successful then DP and I are moving on to IVF.

So my FS had said by the time I see him next I had to have met with the IVF nurse and I think he said counsellor. Whoever it is I'm meeting - the appointments are on April 2nd. I then see my FS on April 4th. He indicated IVF would start the next cycle being around May.

So assuming that we are going ahead with this.... does anyone know if I still take my Clomid and attempt a further cycle between now and then or will that interfere with starting IVF in May? It would be unlikely, not impossible, that I would ovulate on my own.
I don't want to do anything to delay IVF starting and would prefer starting it as soon as possible as DP and I have been TTC unsuccessfully for over 2 years.

Does anyone know??
Thanks in advance ...