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i cant believe how expensive easter is. i hate all the chocolate. we always have it hanging around till xmas. i cant justify spending alot on junk.
I got dd whos 2, a dora easter dvd and some little eggs for her bunny bag she leaves out for the easter bunny. It came to $20.
ds is all of 12 weeks old and ive found it near impossible to find something apporpriate. $20 for a stuffed toy?!?! Target in particular was very disapointing with their range this year. I want to get him a melamine egg cup and sponn like i got dd for her first easter, but i cant find them this year.
We dont buy for family, if they buy for us that's their decision.
My sister cant help herself and spoils the kids with a range of presents, i dont mind because she doesnt get them chocolate!!!
Hi Little Miss Muffet,
I saw some beautiful little books at Big W this week. Some are peter rabbit with touch and feel sections and lift the flap. Also some specifically (sp?) written about the Easter bunny. They started at about $8 and up to $15 but really sweet.