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    Default Going O/S with a toddler.

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place or if it's been posted a bazillion times before please point me in the right direction...We are heading to the US in May for my brother in laws wedding. It will be the first time DS who will be 22 months at that time has ever travelled any further than 3 hrs down the road...lol. I am really anxious about the long haul flight.. and about how the time change will affect him. So, if anyone has ANY advice on how we can make this journey a somewhat bearable one I am ALL EARS...Enter button isn't working for some reason..lol.. so TIA

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    Flying long haul with toddlers is all about snacks, distractions and patience. If you do not have an I-pad or tablet, invest in one, then load up with their favourite games, shows and movies.

    Pack lots of snacks (I pack biscuits, saos, sultanas (although they can spill and be a bit of a pain), fruit sticks, rice crackers and a couple of fun bar chocolates as incentives (the chocolate comes out after the halfway mark and is an incentive to play quietly and sleep).

    I pack some new coloring books, stickers and crayons, DS especially loves stickers so this helps to amuse. We buy DS a couple of new books at the airport (the newsagent normally has a 3 for deal for $30) so we have new books to read. I also put a few cars and or trains and favourite teddies in his back pack.

    You can get milk or water on the plane but if they have a particular favourite sipper cup or bottle make sure you take it.

    It sometimes is a pain but the flight will eventually end so take your humour and be as well rested as you can be before hand as you may not get much sleep.

    Book him his own seat, it's a long way to go if you have to hold him on your lap (both you and he will hate it).


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