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    Default 5y and 3y not sleeping and due bub3 next week - HELP ME PLEASE!!!! ( LONG).

    I am not so much after tips to get them to sleep but how to deal with them not sleeping and stay sane - brief history. An almost 5 DD and 3y DS and I number 3 due next week. DD - never slept through the night and there is not a single thing left I can try other then medication. She has been doing ok - waking once a night, but that has increased to twice a night in the last few weeks.
    DS has always been a PERFECT sleeper and is what has helped my sanity trying to struggle with DD. But to my absolute devastation - he too has started waking up 1-2 times a night in the last few weeks. He seems to think it's morning, brings all his stuffed animals and hops into our bed ( his normal morning routine) , he then falls back to sleep - although usually we take them back to their beds depends how exhausted we are and what time it is.

    So - what I desperately need now is advice on how to work with this situation. I am assuming that it is because of the new bub coming despite their excitement, but how I am going to have 3 children including a newborn waking me all night long. I am a very light sleeper and once I am disturbed I don't fall back to sleep easily. I was awake from 230am just last week.

    I am worried it will get worse once the bub is here and I am an absoulte mess with no sleep - this morning I was just in tears. This was last night - kids in bed at 8pm, DD up at 1030pm then back to sleep, me asleep at 11pm, DD up at 1am, me awake at 2am to pee, DD up at 3am, DS up at 430am, DD up at 5am - then a big storm about 6am and the dog scratching to be let in , then everyone up about 730am. Can you imagine a newborn in amoungst all this??
    DH is wonderful - ( he was working late last night got home after midnight) and is a night owl so if often up and can deal with the first lot of waking but this is not fair on him either.

    Anyway - I need tips to try and work around this situation as with a newborn coming the whole, let them scream for hours thing is not going to work. I am a sleep deprived mess as it is - lord help my whole family once the baby is here...

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    Gosh, what a tricky situation!
    I think, if it was me (and I manage quite well will broken sleep), and given you have tried everything without success over a 5yr period, I would be considering consulting with a Dr and looking at a short stint on medication for your DD. Maybe it would help break the cycle, and help her body and mind learn to sleep for longer? I know you must be totally exhausted after 5+ years of broken sleep, but there has to be some consideration given to your DD also not getting proper sleep every night of her life also!

    With your 3yo, do you have one of those clock things (cant think what they are called!!) that shows a sun when it is OK to get up? So he can look at it when he wakes and see if it is time to get up, maybe with a reward for staying in his bed until anappropriate time?

    Maybe when the newbie comes you can set up shifts with your DH, so he attends to the children before midnight (and you go to bed super early - like 8pm) and you attend to them after midnight, so he can sleep before work. Not sure if you bub will be BF but if he could do some evening feeds it would be helpful.

    Not much help I know, but it seems the key to it all is getting your DD to sleep better. Good luck!!


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