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    Default 5 weeks and swollen/fluid above c-section wound

    Hi everyone, I had an emergency c-section 5 weeks ago and at 2 weeks the right side of the wound weeper a little and all around the wound became quite red. It ended u it was infected and I got some antibiotics and it cleared up within a week.
    Now, at 5 weeks, above the wound site (where my tummy kind of hangs over the scar) has gotten a bit swollen and feels a bit weird (changed sensation). It's not red and the scar looks fine but I'm not sure what it is and what I should do? Is it possible I've just overdone it a bit and stirred up the scar tissue or could it be something worse?
    Thanks for any advice/support.

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    Hey my wound got infected, seemed to heal and then got sore/tingly/itchy/weird feeling in one spot.

    Put a sterile gauze over it and noticed tiny discharge of some sort so went to dr. They originally thought it was nothing but told me to come in for next three days.

    By third day wound had opened up about 2cm and had a sinus (like an ant tunnel). Turns out it was some old stuff that was healing and coming to surface.

    I was a bit freaked but drs said it was treatable. They dress wound and put me on antis. Nurse came every day to repack it and then cover it. Took about ten days.

    I don't say this to scare you but so u go to gp. They said if I hadn't been on top of it it would have been much worse.

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    I think it is quite normal to heal that way, and the feeling changes as the nerves heal and sensation returns. Considering you had an infection I would get it seen to.
    I have friends who talk about their 'overhang', but I didn't heal that way so I am unsure how long it lasts.


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