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    I've just had to explain this to my 6 year old DD after she must have miss interpreted what the principal said at the Harmony day assembly. DD came home saying people shouldn't have dark skin in this country and should go to there country then asked why they had dark skin. My answer was that people come from all different places that have people talk different, look different and sound different but they all take after their mum and dad. Followed on about coloured hair and eyes which she seemed happy with. Also included that anyone of any shape, colour and size can live in this country which she was happy with.

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    We talk to dd1 about how she and daddy are brown and mummy is white because we come from different countries. She always asks about why I have spots (freckles) and she doesn't, so we talk about how some people have different skin, but its ok!

    its important to us that she knows there are differences and that's ok from an early age as mil is really racist without realising she is, and my niece has already picked up things from her!

    neice also goes to a multi cultural school, but says she doesn't like 'black kids'. Funny because they are also the only Muslim kids (like she is) and they speak Arabic at home like she does!

    Majes me realise how impressionable kids are from an early age, and how influential grown ups are. Mil just makes me sick really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannahly View Post
    That people from different countries and cultures have different skin colour but inside we are all the same
    Yep pretty much this. We have explained that Asians have different shaped eyes, Africans have dark skin, but we are all the same inside.

    I certainly don't think it's racist in any way to point out factual physical differences between races. It's when we attribute personality traits to a whole group, usually negative, that it edges into really inappropriate lessons for our kids.


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