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    Then I'd definitely look into booking in with an OB (or midwife whichever you'd prefer) sooner rather than later! They like to see you around 9 weeks and most book in at 3/4. Congrats again I went private and would do it again, no matter the cost.

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    Hello! im a newbie to this site too. However I'm posting on ttc threads.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!
    Dont freak out too much. Take it easy. Get your gp to give you the information and make a couple of appointments to different OB's that way you can make an informed choice of your doctor.

    I had my little girl in a public hospital 6 years ago. It was a nightmare so since starting trying to conceive almost 2 years ago we got full private insurance as i will only go private now after my experience. Having said that i know plenty of people who had positive experiences in the public system. Its all a personal preference.

    Take it easy and enjoy being pregnant.

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    We really want to try private, just worried about the Costs vs Paranoia I suppose 😂

    Countdown to TTC 12 months and waiting! ❤

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    Firstly, dont freak out lol. The joy of pregnancy (im 31 weeks currently) is .. as scary and stressful and unknown it is ... You have 36 - 40 weeks to wait lol Its not all happening tomorrow, unfortunately.

    I am going through the public system but the beginning doesnt differ THAT much ( i thoroughly researched private as i wanted to go private but hadnt served my 12 month wait.. ).

    Go to your GP which youve done. Youll have a HCG level test to test for the pregnancy hormone levels to "prove" your pregnancy. (HCG is what the pee sticks look for to get that 2nd line!) but obviously blood tests can give you more than a line or not lol

    You will then most likely go for a Dating Scan (which sounds like is your next step )

    Discuss those results with your GP. All systems go after that.

    Once thats all done. If you choose to go private, It would be worth ringing your health care provider and seeing what they say. If they have any Ob's they recommend that have cheaper fees or special agreements with your health fund? If you choose private. Go forth and find an Ob, Ring them, arrange booking in etc (im not up to date with the exact booking in requirements, Just ask them )

    Be aware of the scans you can have if you want. They arent a must have. You dont technically HAVE to do anything you dont want to.

    12 week scan - also know as the NT scan. This one looks for the risk factors of Downs Syndrome, Its accompanied by a blood test dont approx 5-7 days prior to the scan. Some people choose to not have this one done.

    20 week - Morphology Scan is the big one where they do all bones, organs etc measurements on bub. I dont know anyone that hasnt done this scan This scan is usually covered by Medicare.

    You can have more scans if you medically require, Some Obs will do a quick scan at each monthly visit. Some dont. Depends on their equipment. My lil man was a rat bag at the 20 week scan and refused to be in a position to get images so i had to return at 24 weeks. As im not private, I dont get monthly Ob office scans.

    I then additionally had 3D scans done. These are purely pretty photos... no medical relevance at all. They are privately booked and do not require a referral as they are literally like glamour shots. I had mine done at 18 weeks for a Gender Determination Scan. (purely my choice, This does NOT replace the 20 week measurements scan). I then also had a 3D scan at 29 weeks again for pretty photos. Up to you. They arent required.. and are at your own expense. Medicare does not assist at all with these scans.

    Unless you have risk factors (family history, previously baby etc) most people go for their Gestational Diabetes Test (known as the GCT or GTT, They are 2 different tests) around 27 - 28 weeks.

    Thats certainly enough to get you started! Enjoy it.
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