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    Default Secondary Infertility - Spoiling my plans!

    Please everyone, I am looking for advice.

    My very much loved DS was conceived within 3 months of trying. We loved parenthood and wanted siblings close together so started trying casually for a few months once I got my period back (12 months as I was BF) followed by very actively trying for the last eighteen (BD every day or every second for ten days over ovulation (keen much??), 2 x IUI, 1 x IVF & 2 x frozen IVF). We've not managed to fall pregnant except for an early miscarriage a year ago. My son is now 3, which means we've been trying for 2 years or very actively 18 months.

    All tests show both my husband and I to be fine, ivf went well and got lots if eggs though they don't seem to stick, I am at a loss as to why it was so easy the first time. I think I'd rather a reason.

    Although i am devastated by yet another failed ivf round I am really upset that I haven't been able to give my son a sibling or experience the joy of being pregnant (so sad that I enjoyed the nausea side effects of pregnyl!). I am looking for anyone with a story of how a big age gap has worked out, or an only child when they wanted more, I am not ready to give up on wanting a sibling, but I am beyond tired emotionally and financially that I need a justification for a break...
    thanks for reading, if you got this far.

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    Bump for you op. good luck in your journey.


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