Hi Ladies.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience on DHEA & Melatonin.

We are doing IVF due to hubbys low count swimmers, and our first IVF/ICSI Cycle was a BFN and unfortunately out of the 5 fertilised eggs, none of the remaining 4 were sufficient for freeze. Because of this my FS has prescribed me for DHEA and that I take Melatonin (for 3 months prior to next cycle) in hope to boost the quality of eggs so we get a good number of blasties for freezing the next cycle.

I'm just a little lost with it all. Considering I am only 26 I thought my quality would be good enough to go on it's own. Just a little overwhelming I guess not being in control of your body and when at the start it seemed simple, it's like the more "solutions" they come up with the more hurtful it is to know its another thing against us.. Grrr!

Does anyone have any stories or anything to share about both abovementioned supplements/drugs? I would love to hear any feeback.

Thank You!