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    Absolutely. You have got way to many significant stressors in your life at the moment. Try dealing with them one by one. Sorry not much advice but take care of yourself x

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    Thanks guys.

    Gees im sitting here at work with my eyes welling up.. it's just so full on at the moment. Thanks for the hugs.

    First priority is my dad and my mum. They need me now and the next 2 weeks will be pretty tough on both of them. So along with my kids they are my focus.

    Then comes my health coz there ain't no way im getting sick and leaving my kids or getting someone else to look after them. They're the loves of my life and I will never let them down.

    DH will just have to sort himself out.

    If need be for him to go work interstate and commute, then so be it. He is very specialised (and earns very good money for it) but it does hinder him branching out into other areas. The only good thing is, is that I work for an airline and so if we need to commute we can do this on the cheap. But again, i dont even want to think of that.

    It just suks that when I need him most, he doesn't give me any empathy or support. I know he is dealing with his stuff and I know it must be a blow to his ego to lose his job, but it wasnt unexpected really. I helped him with the loss of a family member a few years back and I just wish he'd just let me have a whinge and sook once in a while.

    Gees us mums have to put up with a lot of sh!te sometimes. Hardest job in the world by far. If only others understood just how hard it is.


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