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    Default Help with starting solids!

    My 5 and 1/2 month old started solids yesterday. We steamed a pear (puree) and he seemed to take it no problem. How often do I rotate food? Do I keep feeding him the pair for three days ( until it runs out) or give him a new food?
    Please help with what to give him. When do they eat meat and dairy products.
    Thank you 😃

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    All food is fine after 6 months, my DS had fish, strawberries, eggs and yogurt in the first week! I've never done purees so can't help you with that but don't be afraid to try lots of different foods and flavours

    Honey is the only thing recommended to wait until after 12 months purely as their gut can't fight off botulisim yet ( very rare but wait just in case!)

    If you have no allergies in the family i dont think there is any need to wait to introduce new foods
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    I'm just starting my 5.5 month also! Am trying to get him up to 3 meals a day relatively soon because he will not take a bottle EVER and I'm slowly increasing my hours at work.

    Anyhow, I have so far give him:
    - apple/pear puree
    - pumpkin/potato puree
    - sweet potato puree
    - well mashed up banana
    - well mashed up avocado
    - rice/oat cereal made up with water.

    I've totally forgotten what I did with DS1 but I'm definitely more relaxed this time around. I'm not introducing things in any particular order. I can't remember the guidelines for when you're supposed to introduce cows milk but I'll probably do rice/oat cereal with cow's milk shortly instead of water... I think cow's milk is okay as long as their main milk is BM/formula... anyone know?? I'll probably wait a month or two before adding meat, mainly because I find pureed meat a revolting idea hahaha. I like the iron-fortified cereals instead at this age.

    When I cook and puree the stuff it always makes quite a large batch, so I just freeze the excess in little baby food containers. So that way he doesn't have to eat the same thing for several days in a row haha.


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