We've been TTC #2 for a while now. I'm still breastfeeding, which doesn't help, though it's only twice a day now. My periods only returned a month or so ago so I thought the breastfeeding wouldn't harm our chances any more. Anyway, this time I was sure we'd done it. We timed it according to my period tracker and I've been monitoring my body signs. When I started to spot a few days ago I thought it had to be implantation bleeding because it was nearly a week before my period was due. Sadly it was just my period starting. And since it started a week early I'm guessing that I never ovulated at all and it's just breakthrough bleeding or something. So boo hiss to my period.

On the upside I can have a few drinks on the weekend. Meh. Slight silver lining, I guess.

Anyone else in the same boat right now?