i did not anticipate the fact that my fully breastfed 10week old would start sleeping thru the night at 9 weeks old. It's fantastic, dont get me wrong. but it has one downside that im struggling with because i also have a 2yr old to care for during the day.
He just does not give me a break during the day. He's constanty on me, feeding and sleeping. I do not get 1 hr without him on me. I always start his naps off in his bassenette, that will last for all of 30mins/enough time for me to grab something to eat. sometimes i dont even get time to eat without having to hold him while im eating which i HATE.
DD does not get me to herself during the day. at all. i baby wear ds, which at first i enjoyed and had no issues with but it just gets tiring after a while.

Im craving "me time" so much that im staying up till midnight just to enjoy being 'by myself' with no baby hanging off me.
No i dont have help at home for relief untill dh comes home around 6pm by that time ds is in cluster feeding mode and dh is with dd getting her ready for bed.
He's fine when im not around/out of sight. totally different baby.

i had ds in the bouncer for 5mins while i wrote this, he couldnt even let me finish before he grizzled and sooked to be held. as soon as i pick him up he smiles and coo's at me.

anyone else go through something similar? am i just being selfish and this is totally normal, something we all have to just get through so enjoy the cuddles while they last?
sorry, this thread is kinda more of a vent. Its possibly that we have formed a really strong bond already...or the fact hes a clingy breastfed bub!