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    Default Delaying nighttime by weeing

    So, a few weeks ago we toilet trained DD just before she turned two. She took to it like a duck to water and doesn't ever have accidents. At night she wears special princess knickers (pull ups) but sleeps with the potty in her room (has to sleep with door shut as cat and dog love having nighttime skirmishes and would love to have them in her room!)
    Anyway before bed we encourage a wee etc before we put her down. She soon worked out if she claims she needs to do a wee she gets an extra few minutes up now though she actually does an extra wee. Last night we had 5 POOS and countless wees before she would sleep though! She does them after we have left the room and calls out to get rid of them down the toilet.
    Seriously, 5 poos!!! Who has that much poo in them??
    Is this normal? Is it just a phase? Please reassure me she's not just a poo and wee machine!

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    It is very clever trick that my DS tried on at the same age. Couldn't remember to go to the pot for poos during the day but at bedtime he was a pro. We had 6 poos one night! Don't remember how we got over the stage but he is 6 now and I assure you there are no multiple toilet trips at bedtime. I think so long as it always ends up back to bed no matter how many wees or poos she will learn that her efforts don't really achieve much and get bored with the exercise. You could try maybe leaving the pot outside of her room so she has to call you if she needs it at bedtime and promise her you'll bring it in before you yourself go to bed in case she needs it during the night. She may just end up calling you in 5 times still or without the pot there as a visual cue maybe she'll forget about her game. Good luck!

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